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Moms Who Care is a non-profit, 501c3 corporation

In-kind Donations:

  • Gently used or new trendy clothing and shoes that teens will wear

  • Full size-Hygiene products for boys and girls

  • School Supplies

  • After school snacks

Interested in donating in-kind items? Click to see our Wish List of items we can always use!

Cash Donations:

  • All monetary donations are used for specific individual needs such as tennis shoes, work shoes, work clothes or any other specific item a student needs that is not in stock in the rooms

Buy a Haircut

  • Donations ​given in cash or gift cards to be used for student haircuts

To make a monetary donation, please select a school and then click the Donate button below.

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Already planning to shop on Amazon? Use the link below and a portion of your purchase amount will be directly donated to Moms Who Care!

How MWC have helped:

A new student visited the MWC room and when she was checking out we noticed she only had a few things. When we asked if she found everything she needed she said she didn’t want to take too much, especially if it didn’t fit (Moms Who Care allows students to try on clothing). While walking with her to let her in the try on room, the student was in tears because she was so thankful for the opportunity to get some new clothes that fit.

What teachers are saying:

"MWC has made a tremendous impact on our school. The items they supply to our students are incredible! Wednesdays have quickly become my favorite day to be at work because it is a MWC day. Our students are happiest and their smiles are contagious after a visit to the MWC room. The ladies' compassion and kind and caring hearts make our students feel comfortable visiting the room to get clothes, food, hygiene products and other daily supplies. I can't imagine our school without the support from the MWC room."

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